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Being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious infraction. It means, among

other things, that your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) posted at a level of 0.08% or higher.

Call our office today for help. If found guilty you could be sentenced:

First Offense:
License revocation: Up to 6 months.`
Fine: $1,000
Imprisonment: Up to 1 year
12 points on your license

Second Offense:
License revocation: Up to 1 year. Required Ignition Interlock Device
Fine: $2,000 

imprisonment: Mandatory minimum of 5 days. Maximum 2 years
12 points on your license

Mandatory participation in an alcohol abuse assessment and program

Administrative Penalties

In addition to the possible criminal charges above you will also face penalties with the Maryland

Motor Vehicle Administration for failing or refusing to take a chemical test. You have the option

to request a hearing with the Office of Administrative Hearings if you believe you can show

cause as to why your license should not be suspended. You must request a hearing within 10

days of receiving a order of suspension. A hearing will be scheduled within 30 days of your


If you do not prevail at the hearing or do not request one you may have your license suspended


Refusing a Chemical Test:

License suspension: 120 days or IID for 1 year (1st offense)
License suspension: 1 year (2nd offense)

Failing a Chemical Test:

License suspension: 45 days (1st offense)
License suspension: 90 days (2nd offense)

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Driving Under the Influence

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