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​​Aren't Wills for the Rich and Famous?

Do you have a Last Will & Testament or a Living Will? If the answer is "no", read on. A Will is perceived by some people as this lofty document only used by the rich and/or famous. That only people with fine crystal and original Van Gogh paintings are worthy. This could not be further from the truth. A Will is nothing more than a document that expresses your final wishes about the things you own, and sometimes about your choice of guardian for your minor child should you pass away. You may think that you don't have anything of value but I guarantee that even if you do not have things that are worth a lot of money, you have possessions with sentimental value. Think about that special piece of jewelry, like your wedding band. What about that new television? If there is someone special that you would like to have these items should something happen to you, who would know? That's why it's so important to document your wishes in writing. Way too many families are left guessing, and often fighting, about who should get what. Do everyone a favor and be clear about your wishes.

Planning for Incapacity

What if you were to become incapacitated, left in an unconscious state? Would you want to be kept alive on life support for a short time, a long period of time, or not at all? Would you want to be kept alive with a feeding tube? Nobody wants to think about this happening but you do not want someone else guessing how long you would want to be kept alive this way should you become ill or injured and unable to speak for yourself. If you don't make your wishes clear, guessing is exactly what everyone will be doing. Create an Advanced Healthcare Directive so others will know your wishes should you be rendered incapacitated.

None of these documents have to be drafted on special paper embossed with 14k gold, but they should be done properly so they are legal. Check for an attorney in your area and make an appointment for a consultation. It's worth the effort and your family will love and appreciate you for it.

Last Will and Testament